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KNRW Radio and Podcast First Amendment Auditor was established in 2023 in Kearney Nebraska. During this time KNRW Media Group along with Nighthawk Search and Rescue and Kearney Storm Chasers that was a Non-Profit that traveled all over the US to help those in need by searching for Missing Persons Cases (And Cold Cases) by helping those families and First Responders when we would get a call to help by other Search and Rescue Companies, Police Departments, and Families looking for lost loved ones by using Drones, K9's and Water Equipment. Also Kearney Storm Chasers was another way we helped communities stay safe and use an alert system, Drones along with Computer Software to Alert Us of incoming severe storms and also to help search for those that are missing after the storms. Due to the lack of cooperation by Law Enforcement and those we found to be corrupt during our searches by hold information and lying about cases and false information about us and what we do and our love for helping others and then being attacked by those we were trying to help from spreading false information to interfering with our investigations we found that many Law Enforcement Departments Such as KPD in Kearney, NE/Buffalo, NE tried to do everything it could by hurting us to help others and never charging. So we decided we were going to expose Police Department and the actions they take to violate the Law and the Constitution and Bill of Rights after retaliation and attacks started on myself and our people.        

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