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Kearney, Nebraska
Kearney Police Department  Lt. Koetters uses a local car club to cause injury and assault, false police Reports and Arrest along with Police Chief involvement. Koetters and a Car Gang called The Predatorz knowingly tried to assault a KNRW Reporter after Koetters set up and planned the attack and then they went to the owners home of KNRW's and was seen burning out and causing fear and even attempted to assault Mr. Ditchman (Handicap) as a Bradley DeCent exited his car and attempted to attack Mr. Ditchman. Both the Reporter and Mr. Ditchman went to the Police Department for help and in the end Mr. Ditchman was falsely arrested for Terrorist's Threats. A total Set up by KPD Police.

May 20th, 2023

Kearney, Nebraska
Kearney Police Cover-Up of a Road-Rage and Assault of a 16 Year Old Female that was Stalking and observed trying to interfere of a KNRW Reporter doing a storm report refused to hold those responsible for charges due to living by and knowing Police Chief Bryan Waugh. 
The Officer in charge of the case was observed on Body Camera stating that the driver was indeed doing a crime and that he would interview her... No Interview ever took place and Chief Waugh in a later statement that it was Mr. Ditchman that tried to run the female driver off the road. Once more Major Corruption at the Police Department and with the Chief and Police Officer with the department.

August 25th, 2023 

Kearney, Nebraska
While doing a news report on a Police Corruption Case by the Kearney Police Department that involved a 16 year female driver and her family and also includes the Police Chief Bryan Waugh at 6010 and 6011 5th Ave Place in the city of Kearey. While Reporter Marcus Ditchman was doing a recorded report on an issue that took place on Aug, 25 2023 after it was later learned that Police Chief Bryan Waugh was involved in the case to not have this female charged, Later the Police Chief arrived at his home and confronted KNRW's Reporter Marcus Ditchman and Demanded to see his ID for no reason as he was doing his report. Police Chief filed 2 False Charges of Stalking, Using Amber Lights and HIPPA Violations by contacting DMV and reporting a health condition they have no idea about.. and had his Driver's License  taken away. Police once more falsely Arrested.  

September 6th, 2023 

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